created by Beckie Penny published on 13 September 2017

Do you know about Private Fostering? 

Private Fostering is when a child under the age of 16, or 18 if disabled, is living with someone who is not:

• A parent

• A close relative

• Someone who has parental responsibility

Under these arrangements, the law defines a close relative as a child’s brother or sister, grandparent, step-parent, aunt and uncle. An aunt or uncle must be the sister or brother of one of the child’s parents. 

Private foster carers may be extended family such as a cousin or great aunt, a friend of the family or parents of a child’s boyfriend or girlfriend. They could also be someone unknown to the family who is willing to privately foster a child.

These arrangements have to last for a total of 28 days or more. It does not matter if the carer is paid or provides care for free – it is still regarded as private fostering.

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