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Footsteps nursery is based within a purpose built Childrens Centre which is located in Paulton. We are a family run nursery which caters for children from birth to five years old. We receive government funding for our children aged 3 and above.

The moment you walk into the nursery you are struck by an instant homely environment, there is a sense of happiness and excitement and you will see children playing and learning together within the spacious, bright, stimulating surroundings. We have two gardens which are used as much as possible, the children gain knowledge and learn through play. Our staff strive to build close relationships with the children and an understanding of their individual needs.

We all learn together.

At Footsteps, high quality care and learning experiences are gained with the childrens ideas being drawn upon for our monthly topics. We believe the children are not just sponges who soak up information from all around but come to us with a wealth of experiences and knowledge. We use this knowledge within the activities we undertake in the nursery.

The qualified staff are caring, dedicated and provide strong foundations and skills for lifelong learning.

We believe continuity is very important for the children and therefore staff work within same age group as much as possible.

We try to provide as many opportunities as possible to develop life skills which may be in the form of a nature ramble in the school grounds, a visit to the local grocery shop, a trip to the library or maybe a simple bus ride around the block. We believe an important part of everyday nursery experience is to get out and about and understand and experience the outside world.

As a registered childcare provider, we have a duty of care to your child. We will therefore ask for written consent to ensure your child will be given emergency treatment as necessary and/or contact to be made with the appropriate medical/ health/ social services authority. This request for consent can be found on your childs registration document.

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Day Nursery
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29 August 2017



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Paulton Children's Centre
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Plumptre Close
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BS39 7QY
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