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Stand Against Racism and Inequality


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P.O. Box 2454


Keeping Safe Advice & Support - General

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We have over 20 years of experience in helping victims of hate crime; most SARI staff have direct experience of dealing with hate motivated behaviour, and all staff have a clear understanding of it and commitment to stopping it. Staff are trained and experienced, and will work to the best of their ability to get the right outcome for you.

We are committed to:
•Supporting you as you try to cope with the stress, fear and trauma caused by hate crime.
•Working with you to look at your options for taking action to resolve your case.
•Working with and coordinating other agencies on your behalf, encouraging them to take action, getting updates on their work and ensuring they do the right thing.
•Supporting you through legal proceedings related to your case.
•Helping you make complaints against other organisations and agencies.
•Getting you the help you need, whether from us or referrals to other agencies.

Our casework service for victims of hate crime is completely free and confidential.

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