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The Egg Theatre Virtual Summer Assembly 2020


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Virtually accessible from any location

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A virtual, online Summer School project for 12 - 18 year olds
Monday 10 - Friday 21 August


The buzz of the city has been lying low, held behind doors and closed in spaces. Come and turn the volume up!

Utilising digital sound design, spoken word, soundscape and song, join us in a summer school like no other. This project will be completely online based, curated by Theatre School Directors and visiting artists. Over two weeks we will virtually assemble as a company, as well as develop as individual artists, through workshops and personalised coaching with professional creatives.

Members will have an assembly workshop every weekday morning, will be invited to Q&As with industry professionals, be able to connect and virtually collaborate with peers, and have a dedicated tutorial slot every two days. However, members should be prepared to undertake individual, self-led learning and creation.

Echoing will be launched from 24th August all over the city and can be experienced by audience members via their own devices.

What are the stories that echo through our streets? Come and bring them to life!

SUMMER ASSEMBLY 2020 is supported by INNOVATE UK

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community, theatre

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